David Todd


74 Johnson Avenue,
Markerville, Alberta / 403-638-5177


I’ve been a potter 30 years and have set up a studio and gallery in Markerville, Alberta. Many people have commented on the beauty of the area and I have learned to see and appreciate the natural wonder of nature. Not only am I an artist, but I’ve spent 30 years working outdoors, rafting the Upper Red Deer River as a tour guide. I strive to portray the beauty of the river and the Rocky Mountains in my work. I use a combination of electric, gas kilns, primitive firing and a raku kiln to produce a unique style and range of pottery.

The interest in pottery came about in a roundabout way through an education in the sciences and then a career working outdoors as a professional river guide. I try to produce work that has a natural, organic look yet has some excitement to it. My work has been featured in many of central Alberta’s newspapers as well as displayed in several galleries, museum and art shows.
I strive to make functional pottery that is both beautiful and useable on a daily basis. I don’t think anyone can have too many coffee mugs.

The evolution of my pottery has taken me through the subtleties of primitive firing techniques, the fire and dance of Raku and into the functionality of stoneware and porcelain. I’m exploring the subtleties of gas firing to make a functional line of pottery a well. With some knowledge of chemistry I make my own glazes as well as I try and incorporate local clays into the work wherever I can.

Inspired by nature and using clay formed by ancient rivers, I create handmade objects that will last for thousands of years.

I also do commission work.

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